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April Bowlby

April Bowlby

New up-and-coming actress April Bowlby never imagined that life would lead her to becoming an actress. As a young girl she dreamed of growing up to be a ballerina and in college she focused on studying French. However, one of April’s distinguishing characteristics is that she is not afraid to follow the path that’s in front of her, and it is this particular quality that led the young actress to a life in Hollywood.

Growing up in Northern California, April began her performance training in ballet. She was fascinated by the aspect of being able to lose yourself on stage through movement and took classes starting at a very early age. After a few years, though, she realized that this was not the right path for her.

“I’ve been lucky enough to follow wherever the universe takes me; I wanted to be a ballerina so badly when I was younger, but I didn’t have the right body for it, so it wasn’t the right path for me.” Even though she came to terms with not becoming a ballerina, she never completely abandoned her love for dance; during college, she still studied ballet, as well as majoring in French.

Due to her spectacular good looks, April began modeling at the age of fourteen and eventually moved to Los Angeles. She was auditioning for a music video when the director asked her to show different emotions.  It was the first time she ever got to really explore her emotions in front of the camera, and it was at that moment that her love for acting began to take form. “After that, I think I got addicted to the feeling of showing who you are, and really getting angry and passionate and all that good stuff.”



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