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Big Sur

Big Sur

Located just south of Monterey, Big Sur extends 90 miles down the coast of central California. Reaching inland, it encompasses areas in both the Ventana Wilderness and Los Padres National Forest. A visit to Big Sur is guaranteed to overwhelm the senses as palettes of unbelievable color wash the sky and sea waves gnash at impossible cliff sides that teeter off into fern gully canyons. One must make the drive down the single-lane Pacific Coast Highway, gasping at every hairpin curve and ocean drop, in order to understand the true vastness of this West Coast getaway.

Supernatural: There is no word more evocative to describe Big Sur, California. From its rogue coastline to its rolling summer fog and immense redwood stands, the place is wild to its core. Those who have been can only sigh in reflection when speaking about it and mutter, “intense!” Those who haven’t been want to know why no one has taken them to this rugged wonderland deemed one of the most beautiful locations on Earth. But whether you have or haven’t been there, the one thing that links all visitors to Big Sur is their ultimate desire to go back. Tucked away between the glamour and neon of Los Angeles and the funk and fog of San Francisco lies this city antithesis. “Rooms come without TV or electronics as is customary in Big Sur,” most hotels and inns warn on their websites. This is the overall atmosphere of Big Sur. The place does things its own way. You will travel a rough road to get there; you will stay in rustic accommodations; you will most likely be scared shitless at least once; but you will never feel so good. Follow the itinerary laid out below for a planned Sur experience, or sample and explore your own way for a personalized adventure to satiate all wanderlust.



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