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Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson

In a nation rooted in religious tradition and family values, where talking sex makes for easy targets, it’s not a shock that Jenna Jameson can hardly stick her nose out her front door without dodging slurs hurled from affronted townsfolk and scandalized leagues. The pitchforks and torches are to be expected, to a degree, as America on the whole is as about as comfortable with sex as a flushed teenager. Not that Jenna minds all that much—she’s got assuredness emanating from every inch of her. Unlike a whole lot of folks these days, she absolutely loves what she does. It’s a shame, though, because this wall of Puritanical protesters who decry Jenna Jameson as a purveyor of smut are sullying a true portrait of the American dream. Success, money, power, fame, family and perseverance—Jenna’s got it all in spades, every last bit of the ethos that backbones this nation.

Jameson is a savvy mogul, a brilliant businesswoman sitting atop a flourishing entertainment empire. While she was making a fair killing in the nineties from her own on-screen romps, Jameson really began to capitalize on her brand when she co-founded her production company, Club Jenna, in 2000. The online porn production hub was profitable in just three weeks. By 2005, it had accumulated revenues of $30 million. She’s got a loyal army of proteges, and business is constantly, rapidly expanding. She’s a devoted, doting mother of two boys, twins Jesse and Journey, who came into the world in 2009. She’s since sidled off camera, content to reign over her kingdom, tend to her sons and pursue new creative avenues—namely writing, where she’s already got experience. Her last foray into the art—her 2004 autobiography, titled How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale—earned her six weeks on the New York Times Best Seller list.



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